Digital Team Fundraising
Intuitive Easy Fun Effective!

Easiest Fundraiser for your Organization

Group Fundraising

Team concept for fundraising to increase effectiveness through competition

Leader Dashboard

Team Leaders can monitor outgoing emails and overall Fundraiser effectiveness


Safe and Secure credit card transactions using the industry standard encryption

Easy for Leaders

We come “on site” and kickoff fundraiser while providing daily emails on progress

Low Effort

SquadFunds will onboard your team and manage the entire process for you

Personal Progress

Personalized dashboard to monitor personal donations and encouraging messages

Standard Messaging

Standard Templates created by Squad Leaders to ensure consistency

Daily Communication

Daily Leader and weekly Team member emails with Leaderboard Info

Year-End Consolidation

Consolidated year-end statements are sent to Donors for all donations

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We Make the Connection...

Easily reach Donors

Through our easy onboarding process, we easily connect your organization with Friends, Families and Fans

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