How it works

Step 1Register

Register your Fundraiser

Fill out your organization’s information online using our Create a Fundraiser form to get your Fundraiser kick-started!  Once we receive this information, we will be in contact to arrange timing and answer any additional questions you might have.

Step 2Preparation

Preparation for Onboarding

Once an onboarding date has been decided, you will receive a custom form from SquadFunds to send out to your students 1 week prior to onboarding. This form will explain our process and directions for the students related to collecting donor emails.

Step 3 Onboarding

Onboarding Day

We will show up at the agreed upon time at your school to onboard all of your students.  They are expected to have their donor emails and access to the internet via phone/ipad/computer.  We will walk them through the process which should take no more than 30 minutes. At the end, we will take a custom video to highlight your organization for your donors.  Here are some samples:

Step 4Go Live

Go Live

A few days after our onboarding, we will get approval for our custom video and “go live” with the campaign pages.  With a normal duration of 30 days, students will receive weekly leaderboard emails while leaders will receive automated daily updates.  We send out emails 3 to 4 times during the fundraiser with customized messages for your organization.

Step 5Finish

Finish Fundraiser

At the conclusion of the fundraiser, your organization will receive a form detailing the Fundraiser’s donations with the expected outcome (and leaders can download detailed transaction logs).  a Check will be cut within 30 days of the completion to ensure all credit card transactions have cleared.

Why SquadFunds?

Group Fundraising

Team concept for fundraising to increase effectiveness through competition


Low Effort

SquadFunds will onboard your team and manage the entire process for you

Personal Progress

Personalized dashboard to monitor personal donations and encouraging messages


Year-End Consolidation

Consolidated year-end statements are sent to Donors for all donations

Easy for Leaders

We come “on site” and kickoff fundraiser while providing daily emails on progress

Leader Dashboard

Team Leaders can monitor outgoing emails and overall Fundraiser effectiveness


Safe and Secure credit card transactions using the industry standard encryption

Standard Messaging

Standard Templates created by Squad Leaders to ensure consistency

Ready to learn more about how SquadFunds can help you?