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To build on our mission of “giving back” to our School Organizations and keeping costs low, SquadFunds relies on “word of mouth” marketing to grow.  Existing SquadFund Organizations can receive a 2% referral bonus for simply recommending us to another organization!


  • A “SquadFund’s Organization” (ie. Organizations who have used the SquadFunds platform for an existing Fundraiser) who refers SquadFunds to another organization new to SquadFunds (“Referred Organization”) will receive a referral bonus equivalent to 2% of that Referred Organization’s first executed fundraiser (less platform and Credit Card fees).
  • In addition, the Referred Organization will also receive a 2% reduction in SquadFunds platform fees for their first fundraiser off the normal platform fee.
  • Win/Win for both!


  • Referred Organization must be a 501c3 organization (ie Booster Club for Band, Sports Team, etc)
  • Referred Organization must be new to SquadFunds and be at a school or institution which has no existing SquadFund Organizations (ie School is new to SquadFunds)
  • Referred Organization must identify individual and SquadFunds Organization who referred them on the “Create a Fundraiser” signup form (simply fill out those fields)

If you have any questions about the program or which schools/organizations would qualify, please reach out to us!

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